01 Feb 2020

Acuity Insurance HQ Expansion

Case Study 2

Project Details

The headquarter of Acuity Insurance is an awe-inspiring place, and the project was very complicated at first sight. Everything about this office was mesmerizing, including the world’s most prominent American flag on top of the 400-foot pole.

They started an expansion project which will include 240,000 square feet of space in the headquarters. It included galleria extension, which could adjust 2000 seats and a 20-meter-tall Ferris wheel. Seven hundred fifty thousand square feet of space was also allocated for the parking.

Overall, this project was gigantic, and Flat Roof Pros was ready to take on it.

Usage of Slate, Copper

The area of the roof was massive as compared to most of the projects we have done in the past. So, we concentrated on the light as well as durable materials to cater to the needs of this project.

The main elements in it were copper, low slope membranes, planters, and pavers. This was a lightweight option for such a huge roof, and these elements could address the drainage and snow load support. Many subcontractors were working on the roof on different sections.

This provided the usage of different materials on each part. The expectations of the Acuity was very high from the project. So, the superintendent decided to go for the lightweight materials and standardize the material on all sections of the project. This provided consistent quality in all parts.

Replacement of Surface Parking

When the project started, it was decided to arrange a space of around 640 vehicles that could park in the parking area. This was also supposed to give access to the employees directly from the parking area to the building using a face recognition system. The roof structure of the parking system involved the EPDM membrane as[halt, which is adhered to the concrete deck. The decks were designed to provide a proper drainage system.

The structure has the central utility plant in the basement, which required multiple penetrations to the roof system as well a s support for rooftop mechanicals. The roof itself was not used for the parking; however, the single-story pedestrian walkways which lead to the office induced steep sloped roofs.

These steep slopes required high-grade asphalt shingles and custom fabrication for maximum support and strength.

Expansion of Galleria

The existing galleries which were enclosed in the glass were around 35 meters tall.  The Acuity management planned to expand it along with the new Ferris wheel within it. This was intended to be used as an attention grabber for the charity and philanthropic events.

We used high-end slate and copper in the drainage system of Galleria roofs. The real challenge was to keep everything natural, so it blends with the already existing tiles, which have become faded with time. We were also supposed to provide fall protection, which allows the safety during the maintenance and repairs.

Although the challenges in this section were high, our team managed to deliver this on time, along with the guaranteed quality.

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