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28 Mar 2020

Marquette University – Eckstein Hall

Case Study 6

The Eckstein Hall of this university is located on the south edge of the campus, and the striking design reveals that this is not an ordinary building. This Eckstein Hall is around 100 years old and one of the signature buildings for this university. The interior of the building is grand and has a law school within it.

The university received a donation of $85 million, which allowed them to make some changes in the Eckstein Hall. The topmost priority was to change the existing roof, which became too old. Therefore, the management approached us to improve the current condition of the building.

 Project Details

This was one of the project types in which our crew had expertise because we are known for work in the market for commercial roofing.  The Eckstein Hall is a five-story building, and we have to work on each of the floors. SO, we were involved in the five multi-level roof areas and three terraces.

During the winter season, we installed a temporary roof to protect the interior of the building and allowed the daily work to proceed. We used a temporarily modified bitumen membrane, which was now acting as a vapor retarder in the permanent roof.

The total area which was planned to be covered was around 55,500 square feet, and it included ta mechanical penthouse. All the three terraces were made waterproof by spraying the extra coating of waterproofing solution, and we placed the pavers on the patio of the courtroom.

One of the challenges which our team faced was not to disturb the activities on the campus. This is unique for the project of this size because heavy machinery and construction are involved; however, we understood their concern and continued our work under a low profile.

The biggest challenge our team face was the accessibility of such congested space. It was complicated to bring heavy machinery and cranes on the sight as the university was always crowded. It is also situated in the busy part of the city where a traffic jam is a significant problem.

However, our team managed to bring the essential pieces of equipment on sight within time by compromising on the working hours and also worked in the night shifts to make the project complete. The drainage system of the whole building was modified, and it was made sure that they can bear the snowstorms and heavy rainfall.

With the efforts of our team and the support form the university management, we were able to complete the project on time by assuring the best quality available in the market. After the project was done, the auditing team gave the highest-ranking to the project in terms of fo quality, which is our unique selling point.

The new roof not only provided the extra safety to the students studying under it but also offered a new look, which is quite mesmerizing for the building of this size. The management and the donors were pleased with the results.

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